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What is refilling toner cartridges?

The process of refilling a toner cartridge consists of cleaning to its basic components and adding the appropriate amount of toner.
Now recharged, the toner cartridge is tested to assess its quality of printing.

What is the recycling of toner cartridges?

Recycling, except all operations performed in recharged include replacement of worn components of the toner cartridge. For this purpose, printed test page on which to determine the technical condition of the parts of the toner cartridge. Depreciated items removed and replaced with new ones.

What is compatible cartridge?

This toner cartridge is produced not by the official producer and owner of the trademark, and other firms and companies dealing with trade and production of printer consumables. The most significant difference in compatible consumables are different manufacturers, and whether they are with quality / original / body or bodies are made of poor quality plastic, which do not undergo subsequent recharging and recycling! In this site the word 'compatible' cartridge recycled completely understand the toner cartridge with the original body / with 100% guarantee / allowing multiple recycling and recharging time.

Will I get the same number of copies of the recycled cartridge as I get a new toner cartridge?

We guarantee that you will receive at least the same number of copies after reload or recycle your toner cartridge. Many of our customers say they print more pages after recycle your cartridge.

Can recycled toner cartridge can damage the printer?

Properly recharged and recycled toner cartridge can not in any way damage the laser printer.

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